Perl 5 Developers

Company Name:
Duration: 4 Months
Salary period: Annual
SalaryAdditional: BOE
(2) Perl 5 Developers
Location: Addison, TX
# of Openings: 2
Position Type: Contract
GTN is seeking a Perl 5 Developer for a Long-Term Contract (with the possibility of extensions and/or conversion to Direct-Hire) opportunity located in Dallas, TX. The Perl 5 Developer will play a key role in the integration of two of our client's enterprise-level applications with a partner in Canada. In addition to integrating these applications, the Perl 5 Developer will also create and enhance functionality of our client's systems. The Perl 5 Developer will leverage source code control for integration with new and existing product codebase. The Perl 5 Developer will design, develop and test new product functionality, add-ons or enhancements.
5+ years of experience in the following skill sets
Object-Oriented Open Source Web-Based Development Perl 5 Development MVC Design Pattern (General Knowledge) SVN - Apache Subversion GIT - Distributed Revisioning/SCM - Source Code Management Eclipse IDE - Integrated Development Environment LAMP Stack - Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP Versioning/Revision Controls/Integration - Tools/Development Product Development Familiarity
Front End Development HTML/CSS/JavaScript JavaScript Libraries - JQuery/AJAX/EXT-JS, etc. JavaScript Frameworks

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